Byzantine And Ottoman Highlights Tour

Byzantine And Ottoman Highlights

The tour will depart with a pick-up at 8:30am  from your Sultanahmet area or 8:00am from your Taksim area hotel. You will visit The Topkapi PalaceOttoman Sultan’s Residance built on the slopes of Sarayburnu. Topkapi Palace is a combination of different architectural styles. Topkapi Palace is the most visited museum in Turkey and you will be able to see the Ottoman Empire treasury, Dynasty clothing and Sacred Relics. Harem Section will not be included in the itinerary and there will be an extra 15 TL per person to visit this section.

topkapi4The next visit will be The Basilica Cistern (Sunken Palace) built in the 6th century with the structures taken from the collapsed Roman buildings in the area. There are 336 columns in the cistern and we will be in the cistern about 30 minutes. The tour will continue with a walking through The Hippodrome which was once used for chariot races, celebrations, riots, executions and other important events through Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. The walk through The Hippodrome will be about 45 minutes. The half day morning portion will end here.

bluemosque1Our next stop will be in a local restaurant for lunch and you will have some delicious Turkish cuisine.The afternoon visit will start around 13:30 and the first stop will be Hagia Sophia (St. Sophia) Museum, bearing the symbols of Christianity and Islam together.The church has been constructed in 537 AD. by Roman Emperor Justinian and has been converted into a mosque in 15th century. You will visit the site about 1 hour andsee the courtyard, entrance hall, main gallery and upper gallery. The next stop will be The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque) decorated with some of the best examples in Turkish Tile Art History. Built on the 17th centuryBlue Mosque is a symbol of Istanbul standing in the heart of the city.

Our final stop will be in Grand Bazaar which is one of the biggest trading centers in the world with more than 4000 shops. After this stop, our guide will drop you off to your hotel around 16:30.

The rate for Byzantine and Ottoman Highlights Tour will be 50 Euro per person including professionally-licensed English speaking guide, admission fees or 70 Euro per person including English speaking guide, admission fees and lunch. Our group size for this tour is limited to 14 people.

Please send us an email to get detailed information and make your booking. We will reply your request the latest in 24 hours.