Eski Gumusler Monastery

Eski Gumusler Monastery is the most remote monastery to Goreme, but the best-protected one in Cappadocia. It takes about 1,5 hours to get there and then you will be amazed with this monastery. The monastery was probably carved in 10th or 11th centuries, used for a long time and then abandoned after the population exchange in 1924. The monastery was not discovered until 1963. To be discovered very late is the main reason why it is the best protected one in Cappadocia region, as people have not destroyed it.

The monastery does look like very small when you first get in to it, but then you will discover that the monastery is almost like an underground city such as Kaymakli and it has well-protected sites for living and storing things underneath each other. There are several rolling-stone-doors, which were used to block the tunnels for safety reasons. You will also see a lot of amphora pots for storing food, wine, water and others as well. The monastery has also lots of empty graves. As to be buried into a monastery or church was very important to them, most of the people of that time preferred to be buried in the churches or monasteries even if it costs something. You will see good examples in this monastery.eski1

The most amazing part in the monastery is the church. The church has some of the finest of all the Cappadocian medieval frescoes, with paintings of the Annunciation, the Nativity and the saints dating back to the 11th century. Even the columns of this church are covered with colorful geometric patterns. There is a scene in this church, which is depicting The Virgin Mary with Mona Lisa smile. Even though it is probably because of a mistake on restoration, it is still worth seeing this fresco.

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